Guang Yi Company Limited
One of the World's Biggest Wholesalers of 14 Days and Used Mobile Phones

Wholesale Formats

We provide the following four wholesale formats:

Price Negotiation (Every Business Day)

  • A large number of best-selling & hot-selling stocks available

  • All prices negotiable with the boss

  • Real-time delivery of goods

  • Direct and efficient

The Stock List for Price Negotiation


Bidding (Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

  • A large number of stocks are always available and the number of various models is clear at a glance.

  • Bid depending on the market price right after on-site stock inspection, suitable for all customers.

  • Local Buyers generally come to our Hong Kong office to inspect stocks and bid on site.
    Overseas buyers can assign their assigned sales representative who will inspect stocks and bid on behalf of you.

Bidding Lis



  • Our purchased stocks are in preparation or transport

  • A clear list of models, quantity and grades of stocks

  • The company has a good reputation.

  • Customers can make reservations according to market forecasts, and profits are mastered by themselves.

The Stock List for Presale


Preorder - If you cannot find the models your enquire in our stock list, please try our preorder sales format. Preorder involves searching for products that are currently not in our stock. Just make a simple customer registration and send us the models you enquire. We will reply to you the search result within three working days. 

The Stock List for Preorder