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Bidding Arrangement

Bid Date

Regular Dates for Bidding

We host auction 3-times-a-week on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, except Hong Kong public holidays. View Hong Kong public holidays.

Stocks for Bidding

Group 1

Brand New/Nearly New/14 days/Used Mobile Phone, Handset, Main Board, Tablet, Laptop, Computer & Accessories

Group 2

Network Card and Router

Bidding List

List Type

14 days Mobile Phone Bidding List

Lot 1

Brand New/Nearly New/14 days Mobile Phone (including Apple iCloud Mobile Phone), Handset, Main Board, Tablet, Computer, Laptop and Accessories

Lot 2

Network Card and Router

Publication Time

The draft version of Lot 1 and Lot 2are generally published in the evening of every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, one day ahead of scheduled bid date.

The final versions of Lot 1 is generally published at noon on bid dates.

Viewing Channel

Visit Bidding List or follow us at WeChat public account GY-Eng or add gyhk-eng to your WeChat contact list to view our latest bidding lists on your smartphone or tablet anytime, anywhere.

Bid Method

Option One

Come to our HK offices to bid on site.

Option Two

Assign your assigned sales representative to bid on behalf of you.

Bid Venue, Transportation & Reception

Bid Venue

Hong Kong office

Hong Kong office' Address

Unit 1501-09, 12-23, 15th floor, 1 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong


5 minutes' walk from Ngau Tau Kok Station (Exit B6), MTR Kwun Tong Line

Reception If you have been followed up by your assigned sales representative, please directly contact him/her to host you for bidding. If your enquiry hasn't been assigned, please contact us for enquiry assignment.

Onsite Quality Inspection

 Inspection Venue

Hong Kong office

Inspection Method

Come to our Hong Kong office for onsite quality inspection or consult your assigned sales representative about stock quality if you are unable to come to Hong Kong. (Note: It is recommended for new customers to visit our office for onsite quality inspection.)


Time for Quality Inspection

After 11:00 am on bid dates

Bid Deadline

4:00 pm on bid dates

Pickup Time

After 6:00 pm on bid dates till the next business day