Guang Yi Company Limited
One of the World's Biggest Wholesalers of 14 Days and Used Mobile Phones
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Oversea Sourcing

As a closely-tied long-term partner of over 30 global telecom giants including AT&T, Everything Everywhere, Vodafone, T-Mobile, O2 and many others, Guang Yi directly purchases from these reliable and quality suppliers. Supplementing this, there are also over 100 other supplying vendors in various capacities, such as mobile phone manufacturers, electronics recyclers, retail conglomerates, electrical chains and device re-marketing solution providers.

To further assist its buying function, the company has built a global buy-back network to recycle used mobile phones from government entities, corporates, charities and schools that possess used mobile phones in smaller quantities. This is achieved through individual mobile phone users all over the world through its own buy-back website at www.topdollarmobile.co.uk. The TopDollarMobile site enables customers to benefit from one of the most extensive mobile phone recycling model ranges available on the market, with highly competitive pricing.