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Guang Yi at a Glance

Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Hong Kong, Guang Yi Company Limited (Guang Yi) is one of the world's biggest and most established wholesalers of 14 days and used mobile phones. With an annual turnover exceeding US$220 million, the company is engaged in the international trading of mobile phones and other consumer electronics in various grades, encompassing brand new, nearly new, 14 days and used, with over 20 years of dedication and experience in the industry.

As a closely-tied long-term partner of over 30 global telecom giants, Guang Yi directly purchases from these reliable and quality suppliers as well as over 100 other vendors in various capacities. In addition, the company has built a global buy-back network to recycle second user mobile phones on a B2C basis.

Together, this maximizes the value of second-user mobile devices while minimizing environmental risk.


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Major Suppliers & Partners


Types of Stocks

  • Mobile Phone

  • Tablet

  • Computer

  • Accessories of Mobile phone, Tablet and Computer

  • Network Card

  • Router

Major Brands

Grading System

All our stocks that enter our warehouse have been thoroughly examined by our qualified staff and categorized into different grades, including 14 Days, used and mainboard, depending on the condition of the stocks.


Frequently-used Terms

Terms in  Stock Lists



14 Days

The electronic items returned by users to telecom companies or chain stores for different reasons within 14 days of purchase. Usually, this kind of devices is almost brand new and in an excellent condition with few accessories missing. For example, 14 days mobile phone refers to this kind of mobile phones which have been trialed.


14 Days Grade A


14 Days Grade B


14 Days Grade C

A Handset

Handset only, Grade A

B Handset

Handset only, Grade B

No Power

Cannot power up

With code

With unlocking code


iCloud lock, namely, ID lock


For Separate Bidding


the scratches on the IMEI labels of the stocks of Samsung brand


Wholesale Formats

Bidding: We host auction 3-times-a-week on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, except Hong Kong Public Holidays. Local buyers generally come to our HK headquarters to bid onsite. Overseas buyers can bid through their assigned sales executive who will inspect stocks and bid on behalf of you. Bidding lists are published one day ahead of scheduled bid dates. Visit Bidding List page.

Price Negotiation: Buyers can negotiation the prices of our goods with us within office hours every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday or after 3:00pm within office hours every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The stock list for price negotiation is updated at noon every day except Sunday in Hong Kong Time. Visit the Stock List for Price Negotiation page.

Presale: The sales format aims at selling our purchased goods on the way delivered to our company to facilitate transaction and offer you more options. The stock list for presale is updated every noon except Sunday in Hong Kong Time. Visit the Stock List for Presale page.

Preorder: If you cannot find the models you enquire on our stock list, please try our preorder (product searching for customers) sales format. Preorder involves searching for products that are currently not available. Just make a simple customer registration and tell us the model numbers you enquire. We will reply the search results to you within three working days.



Guang Yi has long been accredited by the leading certification company SGS with ISO 9001:2015 quality management and ISO 14001:2015 environmental management certificates. In addition, our UK entity is also accredited with AATF status. We are an Alibaba gold supplier as well.


Contact Us

Address: Unit 1501-09, 12-23, 15th floor, 1 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong (5 minutes' walk from Ngau Tau Kok Station (Exit B6), MTR Kwun Tong Line | Entrance for Quality Inspection: Unit 1522 | Visit Google Map)

General Line: +852 2377 9612

Fax: +852 2314 9363

Wholesale WeChat: gyhk-eng (Collecting Wholesale Customers' Enquiries Only)

Wholesale Department's Email: wholesale@gyhk.com (Collecting Wholesale Customers' Enquiries Only)

Purchasing Department's Email: purchase@gyhk.com (Collecting Mobile Phone Suppliers' Enquiries Only)

HR Department's Email: hr@gyhk.com (Collecting Applicants' CVs Only)

Corporate Email: enquiry@gyhk.com (Collecting General Enquiries)

Corporate Website: www.gyhk.com

Office Hours: 10:00am - 6:00pm, Monday to Saturday (Hong Kong Time), Closed on Sundays and Hong Kong Public Holidays


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Alibaba Minisite: http://guangyihk.en.alibaba.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/guangyihk

WeChat Public Account: GY-Eng

WeChat ID: gyhk-eng

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