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Bidding Result

List Type Bid Date Operation
Used Mobile Phone SSA Bidding Result Wed, 14 February 2018 Download PDF
Used Mobile Phone 2A Bidding Result(No announcement) Mon, 12 February 2018 Download PDF
14-Day/New Mobile Phone Bidding Result Wed, 14 February 2018 Download PDF


Bidding Result Announcement:

The bidding result of each auction is generally announced in the evening of bid dates. The customer number of each winner of used mobile phone, used PC auction will be posted outside our office door at 5/F, and the 14 days mobile phones and all the other stocks at 7/F, published on this webpage, as well as shared to all the contacts of WeChat ID gyhk-eng. Your assigned sales representative will also notify you by phone, email or instant messaging if you win a bid. You can also call your assigned sales representative if you want to know the result as soon as the deals are confirmed or for any queries on the bid result.

When customers ask our online marketing representative the bid result on a certain bid date, they need to tell him/her if they have participated the bidding process or price negotiation process of that day and who their assigned sales representatives are. We won't disclose any information of the bid or price negotiation results to non-bidders and non-price negotiation customers. Only the winners' customer numbers, the models and their quantities they have won will be published on the result publication list. The winners' bids won't be published and disclosed to other customers.